Honky Tonkitis

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Have Dutch buyer wanting 10 copies of ALCOHOL & HEARTBREAK. Can we buy wholesale? You'd ship to our office in Nashville, all accounts settled weekly. Hope we can do some business! Best regards, John (615) 356-4684
Oh, dear, Molly's stalking us again . . . Be careful, John - I know you relish it, but I'm sick and tired of bare bulbs, rubber hoses and having to explain the welts to my wife.
Hey, I am a reporter for OnMilwaukee.com and I would like to write an article about your band. Heard your Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet song on MSE and loved it. Contact me if you're interested.
LET ME BOOK YOU FOR SYMCO 2012!!! Call me (920)540-4576. Dates are Aug 9/10
Hey Bill! The album should be up on Itunes as well as CD Baby in about a week. Thanks for the interest.
Hey! When is the new album going to be available on iTunes?! Thanks guys, love the music!
Sandy- We fixed the info on our website calendar. Thanks for the head's up! HT
Root River Center is 7220 W Rawson Ave, Franklin WI. Not 76th/Rawson, someone may not find it from that corner. Cover for non members of the Milw Acc Club is $ 5. Thx, Sandy
We're not playing this Saturday, March 10th, so get your green on at McBob's with Reilly. They're kind of like us - fiddle, bass, drums, guitar, country music, but from a different country. I'll even let you buy me a beer, as I try to mix the chaos that is sure to ensue.
Watched the debate tonight, and a journalist asked one of the candidates, "Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a prostitute?" The candidate thought for an awkward moment, and then replied, "To the best of my knowledge, no." This perked up the ears of quite a few folks in the hall, so the journalist pushed the candidate a bit harder - "Sir, to the best of your knowledge?" After another awkward pause, the candidate finally confessed, "I wish I could be more concise, but it's tough to keep track of the professions all of my ex wives have gone into over the years."
John - Saw the comment on the home page. I suspect you're thinking of the other Chris Conrad. http://www.chrisconrad.com/ You're not the first to confuse us, and it also explains the DEA presence in the neighborhood, along with the NORML subpoena I was served last Wednesday. Chris
John, That little Italian guy from the Bachmann campaign called and cancelled the quarter barrel party in Prairie du Chien, but not before I cashed the deposit check. Also, he left a half bottle of Templeton Rye in the trunk of the MG, which I'm going to keep, so screw you. You're welcome.
John, I got into another pepper spray incident in the salsa aisle of Wal-Mart in Mukwonago this morning. Wasn't my fault, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to make your daughter's bat mitzvah tomorrow. I've been asked to testify - AGAIN - seems like I know that damned courthouse like the back of my hand. You still got the number for that attorney we hired to go after those punks who kept stealing anhydrous out of the barn? Thanks. Chris
Lemmy- Sounds great! What do you suggest?
more honky-tonk metal please.
I am booking for a class taught by Francis Ford (big name photographer and one of the Professors at MIAD) on Rock-N-Roll photography. We are looking for interesting looking bands/musicians to come in one afternoon on a Tues. or Thur. with instruments for a session so students get a opportunty to take photos. The band will get $100.00 and also photos for an hour to an hour and a half time. I'm wide open as to which Tues. or Thur. as of right now for the rest rest of this month starting the 17th and all through June. Call me if you are interested, which I really hope you will be. Leave a message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you promptly. Jane Marie #414-553-0477
Billybob- Done and done!
Please Confirm this e-mail so that I know Im on your list. Thanks
You guys are my new favorite band after seeing you play the 26th. I rarely listen to country but when you played your version of Ace of Spades, it almost made me cum in my pants! Keep up the great work guys!
Jamie Lee- No problem! We'll drop a CD off for you next time we're up visiting Dad at the Correctional Institution!
Hello, I regularly listen to WMIL's Home Town Jams show on Sunday nights in hope of hearing acts whose CD's I can review for Shepherd Express. I heard your band last night, quite liked whta I heard and would lurve t review whatebver your latest CD would be if you've any available yet. Thnks in advance if you can oblife me, and keep up the good work all the same. Most Sincerely, Jamie Lee Rake P.O. Box 29 Waupun, WI 53963
Jon- Thanks for the radio station recommendations. We've put CD's in the mail to both of the stations you listed.
Hey, a friend just 3rd hand passed me a copy of your CD here in St. Louis. Awesome. MAKE SURE YOU PUT A COPY IN THE MAIL TO 88.1 KDHX in St. Louis and 90.1 KKFI in Kansas City. Both stations will have shows that would love to play your stuff. Plus, you'd fit in great on KDHX's "Twangfest" show. Loving the CD. Put me on an email list if you ever come to St. Louis.