Honky Tonkitis

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Alcohol & Heartbreak - CD


Old time country music, with all of the wit and smart-ass wordplay you can stand. The songwriting on this third album is even better than before. Minor lineup changes, with Johnny Maplewood switching to upright bass and the addition of Don Turner on squeezebox, help to give the album that real Bakersfield sound.   -Jon Blick: Overnight Sensations DJ, WMSE Picks of 2012

What are YOU gonna do with a year and-a-half since your last album? Drink? Not if you're Honky Tonkitis! These guys are gonna DRINK and WRITE and RECORD seventeen more songs about drinking! And heartbreak! What do you call it? Alcohol & Heartbreak!

Honky Tonkitis' third album brings new music (17 new songs, in this case) and a new band member (accordion player Don Turner).

Still the same happy music about the worst times of your life. What could be better to listen to when you're at the bar, at home, or being yelled at by your wife?

First, there's the beer: Brand-new classics about everyone's favorite alcohol with titles like "Pabst in the Can and Schlitz in the Bottle" and "Kiss My Heineken."

Next, there's the odes to the honky tonk greats: "What Would George Jones Do," "Johnny Cash Would Kick Your Ass" and "Praying in the House of Hank."

Followed by the tributes to the bar: "I Wanna Marry A Bartender," "Tavern of Love," "Congratulations, You're a Loser," and "Most of My Friends Are Behind Bars."

Don't forget divorce: "Snap-On Fool," "Alimony Is A Four Letter Word," "It Only Hurt A Little," and "Why Don't You Understand Me."

And finally, songs about drinking: "I'm Ready to Drink," "I Only Drink to Fall Down," "I'm Gonna Drink Milwaukee Dry," and "Down and Drunk."

What more could you ask for from a honky tonk band?

Sit back, pop a top, cue up the "Alcohol and Heartbreak," and get ready to salve your aching soul.

Bartender tested, drinker approved!