Honky Tonkitis

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You Drink and Drive Me Crazy - CD

Honky Tonk-itis: You Drink and Drive Me Crazy

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Classic honky tonk, full of alcohol and heartbreak, slurring redemption, and plans to get up off the floor tomorrow and win back your love, just as soon as this pitcher is empty. Honky Tonk-itis brings back that honky tonk music your grandpa and daddy listened to when you were a kid; whether it's loving odes to your favorite beer (P-B-R my A-S-S), commiserating over a lost love at the bar (Pour Me), or fighting to take life by the horns while holding a half-empty bottle (Heavy Lifting Calls For Heavy Drinking), Honky Tonk-itis brings back the glory days of life spent plugging the jukebox while hiding from your old lady in a smoky old joint down the block.